Sushi and more

I have all my iPhone  pictures on my borrowed netbook now, so I can show you some of the things I’ve been eating.

This is the savory pancake thing I mentioned from Kyoto.  It’s actually called okonomiyaki.

Breakfast first morning in Kyoto. Believe that to be some beef and other things over rice.

Soba noodle soup for dinner.

Not pictured are my several ramen soup meals.  These are the places where you order a ticket at a vending machine.  They are a great deal at about $5, but it’s pretty much fast food.

Octopus in little cooked balls at molten lava temperature. Really good lunch after they cooled down.

I’ve had sushi a few times, once picking up from a carry-out spot, once for lunch at a station, and this afternoon by the fish market.  It was really good, of course, and I tried uni, sea urchin roe, per Robin’s recommendation.  He clearly hates me.  Actually the taste wasn’t bad (actually interesting in a good way) after a moment, but boy the texture triggered a vicious gag reflex.

Four types of tuna. Heaven.

Training for the Survivor eating challenge. Uni.

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One Response to Sushi and more

  1. Lan says:

    I’m just getting caught up on your trip, but OMG, i’m so jealous that you had uni in Japan. I have a theory about uni – you have to try it 3 times before you actually like. After that, you won’t be able to get enough.

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